The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is a federal program. Participation is voluntary, but the benefits of joining are considerable. Pontotoc County chose to join the program and agreed to adopt, administer, and enforce a floodplain ordinance that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements, effective May 1, 2008. Although we typically do not think about flooding, there are identified Special Flood Hazards Areas (SFHA) within the county that depict areas of flooding potential. Any development, filling, or building in a SFHA requires the issuance of a floodplain development permit by the local floodplain administrator and must meet the requirements of the ordinance

Communities with SFHAs that choose not to participate - or that withdraw or have been suspended - may cause undue difficulties for their citizens, especially in the aftermath of a flood event. The following apply to non-participating communities:

  • National flood insurance not available
  • Federal agencies may not make grants or loans for building in SFHA
  • Federal disaster assistance will not be provided
  • Federal mortgages shall not be available for structures in SFHA
  • Conventional loans may not be available
  • Flood Insurance Rate Map is in effect even for non-participating communities and could mean extremely expensive insurance rates
  • Local governing body could be held liable

When you go to get your E-911 address, you will be required to fill out an E-911 Address & Floodplain Determination Application. Should it be determined that your address is located in a SFHA, you will be contacted by the floodplain administrator. Flood elevation at the site must be determined and permits issued for development at the site.

Floodplain management is not about telling you what you can or can not do on your personal property. It is about helping you meet the requirements of the floodplain ordinance so you will not experience the problems of a non-participating community.


Floodplain Management

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